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Modelling a moving wave

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    i have a wave function and i would like to see how it acts after it receives my first input. I would like to see its ups and downs and its different color when its amplitude is changed after the function value reaches a certain point.
    For example let say y=Asin(x+p). Would you please tell me how to model its motion ?
    Please help...

    Thanks in advance

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    x will change randomly and all the time...
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    Anyone have any ideas?
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    So how exactly do you want to aproach this problem? Do you want to it in 2d or 3d? How much time to you have to complete the assignment? Are you familiar with programming in c/c++ or java?
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    Depends on the languages you want to use to program and visualize in, I have some experience in Visual C++ and OpenGL, I would consider it feasible.
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