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Modelling a Servo Motor - Ball and Beam System

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    Hello people,

    I need to find out the relationship between the input voltage to a servo motor and the output angle (laplace transfer function). i have the servo motor but no data sheet or information about it. i was wondering if any of you can help me out on where to start.

    to let you know where i am going with this i am designing a controller for the "ball and beam system" im pretty new to modelling systems so any good links or guild lines would be very helpful. i think i understand the simplified relationship between the beam angle and ball position so i guess i just multiply it with the transfer function from the motor to get the relationship between input voltage and ball position?

    there is a gear system between the servo and beam. i have no info on the ration so i guess i will just count the teeth?


    p.s sorry if this is not clear or is in the wrong section.
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