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Modelling sound waves in gases with Kinetic Theory

  1. Dec 7, 2012 #1
    I am trying to find a description of sound waves and speed of sound in gases using Kinetic Theory. I mean to derive the sound waves in a medium like gas , composed of molecules moving and colliding as Kinetic Theory describes. The origin of the sound wave, as our experience shows, is the perturbation produced by percussion on a wall or some shock inside the gas.What I am trying to understand is which collision mechanism is involved in the transport of such a perturbation through the gas. And I would understand this not only qualitatively, but I would find a mathematical description of this mechanism as is done in solids.
    The only treatments I have found are from wave of macroscopic pressure.But these jump over the microscopic movement and collision.
    If somebody could tell me if there are such a description and the books of papers that treat this topic I will be very grateful.
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