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Models of atom

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    Where I can find more about models of atom? I need a name of site for example….
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    Please specify models of an atom. This is not a "what holds an atom together"-like question, is it ? Are you asking about electronic and nuclear structure of an atom ? If so, please specify what you want to know.

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    Thomson's, Raderford's and Bor's atom models.
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    Thanks. But if you know I need also a site where I can get a lot of pictures.
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    who dat? LOL

    Who the hell is Raderford? Maybe you are referring to Ernest Rutherford? And also, the esteemed Niels Bohr spelled his name with an "h." BTW, Rutherford's old "solar system" model is OK for novice physics students, and will in fact convey about 70% of all one needs to know about how atoms work, but the Bohr model with its probability clouds is more accurate.
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    The Bohr model is the planetary model, with the addition of discrete allowed orbits specified by quantum numbers.

    Schrödinger's model is where probability clouds came in. Actually Schrödinger at first thought (I think) that the psi function was related to the electric charge distribution inside the atom. The "probability interpretation" came from Max Born a bit later.
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