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Modem installation problems

  1. Mar 20, 2005 #1
    I just reformatted my hard drive using windows ME but now I can't get the modem to install properly. It says to select the port to intall modem to and I select port COM 1 and get a message saying the file 'amosnt.sys' was not found. Windows needs the disk labled 'Modem Installation Disk' to continue. This may be provided by your computer or device manufacturer. I did a search for the file 'amosnt.sys' and found it in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS. It is there, so why can't it find it? It installs the modem to port COM 3 which has nothing in it and the computer doesn't detect. How can I move it to port COM 1 where it belongs??? :uhh:
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    perhaps when themessage saying it cannot find 'amosnt.sys' comes up you can direct the install wizzard to the file? I mean that there is often a button 'browse' that you can click and browse to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\amosnt.sys
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    I did that. I even typed the filename in and it still came up "file not found"
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    What mfg/model is this modem?
    Internal or external?
    Why do you say it "belongs" on Com1?
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    internal Win Soft V.92 PCI Modem
    I say it "belongs" on com 1 because that is the port the computer uses. there is nothing in port com 3. the computer doesn't even recognise a port com 3.
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    An internal modem is it's own port. If your computer has an actual serial port that it designates as Com1, the modem should NOT be installed on Com1 as that would cause a conflict. I'm surprised that it's even asking you which port to install on. You may be causing the problem by specifying Com1. Try answering "Com3" when it asks.

    I assume you're saying the computer doesn't recognize Com3 because you don't see that listed under "ports" in the Device Manager. That's normal. You should end up with only Com1 listed under "ports" (assuming your computer has 1 serial port & it's enabled in your bios configuration), but when you click on the modem's properties/modem tab it will show Com3 (or whatever com port the modem's .inf file specifies).

    PS: Are you sure the mfr. is "Win Soft"? I can't find any info on that name.
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    ok I have more info on this confusing subject. it is a conexant soft56 pci modem. the modem is installed on com3 in the computer. all the proper info regarding the modem shows up in com3. during software installation it asks which com port to install to and it gives only com1 as a choice. so in order to complete the installation process, I have to click on com1. it successfully installs the modem. windows doesn't detect the modem in com3... it looks for it in com1. there is nothing in com1 port.

    I have come to the conclusion that the problem isn't with the modem or the driver but with windows. if windows would look in com3 for the modem it would find it.
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