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Moderation complaints

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    I recently suggested a certain forum member consider summer employment in the field of construction. It appears that that post has been deleted. This was not a personal attack. It would do the poster very well to consider my advice given his inquiries and their context. Please clarify this issue.
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    See the response which was posted to your complaint in the thread in question:


    In a situation like this, you post at your own risk.

    When we clean up insults and bickering from a thread, we generally try to maintain the continuity of what's left. This sometimes means deleting posts that are not offensive when viewed in isolation, but would be jarringly "disconnected" from the remaining posts (i.e. non-sequiturs).

    If you feel you must respond to a problematical post or series of posts that is likely to be deleted, try to write so that it fits in with the rest of the thread after the problematical posts have been deleted.
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