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Moderator moves what he dislikes

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    Moderator has been moving the themes he dislikes even if you write specific scientific information. He's making fun or gives himself the right to say ancient knowledge means "nothing" and while astronomy or math books or even Michio Kaku's references mess around with religion and philosophy, evidently Mr. Moderator doesn't have Michio's capacity and feels the only way to use intelect, knowledge is useless, so he exercises the power to wipe out information in behalf of science. Erase this too:
    All genetic information is decoded at the speed of light by RNA messenger which combines DNA “letters” into 3 letter “words”. Nobody knows why Hebrew root-letters are built by 3 letter-words different from Acadian language using 1 or more syllables. Hebrew alphabet is 22 letters which is the number of chromosomes adding the sexual X and Y.
    The sacred INTITAL number of Sumerians was 12.960.000 (Read T.G.Pinches’ SOME MATHEMATICAL TABLETS OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM). The cuneiform scripture was like Chinese and identified like math Frank Rampsey’s codes. Sumerians got a¸2+b¸2=c¸2 , their Nippur Calendar system was not merely using 60 but A COMBINATION of 6 and 10 ALTERING THEM:

    The “digital” system upon 10 fingers it’s obvious but not 6. The astronomical # decreased until reaching 216.000 part, which is 60. The # represents 500 complete precession circles in 12 Zodiac houses but how did they imagine that if just 1 house demanded a fantastic time never witnessed by generations of Sumerians one after another to watch the sky? The # is 25.920 years, why choosing such number or the degree in celestial circle, 360 degrees? 60 is divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20 and 30 while 10 is divisible by 2, 4, 5, 10, 20 and 25. WE INHERITED 12 months, 12 Zodiac houses, 12 hours by day and 12 by night because of them. Greeks just imported some knowledge known by Arabian people who learned in Mesopotamia and the Hitites and the Hurrites from Haran, Abraham’s land. Hence the Olympus gods, etc. Sacred Sumerian number was 3600 great circle or “shar”. That’s square of 60 allowing our “modern” definition of 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour though this is meaningless to our “moderator”!!!!!!!!! Greeks just repeated what was already known about golden rule in architecture and helped to find Fibonacci numbers in 15th Century. So, Copernicus, the so-called “father” of modern astronomy was a researcher who did well his homework re-checking what was known 2000 years BEFORE HIM. Specially the ones before Ptolomeus, like Hiparcus and Aristarcos from Samos. This Hiparcus lived in Minor Asia in 2 B.C. and argued about the solstice and equinox sign or equinox precession. Yet the phenomena can only be explained due to sphere astronomy when Earth is surrounded by other celestial bodies, like a sphere among sphere universe, yet the passage of a single house is 2160 years. Eudoxius from Cnido also lived in the same Minor Asia 2 centuries before Hiparcus and drew celestial sphere, one of the copies was set in Rome, Atlas holding the world upon the shoulders. The drawing of the sphere represented the Zodiac constellations. But if Eudoxius imagined heaven like a sphere, where was Earth related to heaven? Did he think Earth was flat or an sphere –something explained in Jewish books of Isaiah and Ezra-? Eudoxius and Hiparcus lived in Hitites land. Among their gods there was a procession of bull-men Atlas holding a globe. Hiparcus indeed mentioned his mentors were Babylonian astronomers from Erech, Borsippa and Babylon. Historian Diodorus Sículo (1 B.C) confirmed the Babylonian exactitude regarding astronomy. Hence, this means nothing from the moderator cos he is completely IGNORANT about history paying attention too much about what he already knows about math which is product of a progressive accumulation of data through time and not because modern “wisdom” as he supposed memorizing formulas.
    Mayas had the zero conceptions as Hindus but that also means “nothing” in his own words. Mayas had the concept of “place” starting with the column 1 “kin” and 20 in the next “uinal” until the multiples reached the fantastic days or 63.080.082 years. Number 52 and 260 were sacred (in Apocalipsis the sacred number 7 appears 52 times and kabalah reduce the digits, 5+2=7). This 52 wasn’t just a result of 13x4 but 52 weeks in Middle East calendar (LATER ON COPIED IN EUROPEAN CALENDARS), that is if we talk about 7 days week, something studied during centuries and believed to have relation with 4 phases of the Moon though Mr. Moderator knows nothing about this probably. That 7, Mr, was already known in Hebrew Sabbath and Sumerian “bars”. Other sacred number was 260, multiple of 52 (52x5=260). 52 was sacred in Egypt and linked to Egyptian god of math and astronomy and writing, Toth. We know that relation with 52 cos the reference in papyri Cairo # 30646 of the myth called “The Adventures of Satni-Khamasis with the Mummies”. And the feathered-snake representation was equivalent to Maya’s god Kukulcán or Quetzalcoatl who also offered the Calendar of 52 to all people in Mesoamerica. Precisely the angle of 52 degrees used in Gizeh pyramids in Egypt demanded familiarity with Pi factor π , it was obtained giving the height of the pyramid (H) equal to half of the side (S) divided by Pi and multiplied by 4. The angle of 43,5 degrees was also used in Teotihuacan pyramids and not something easier like 45 degrees. Yet, there’s no reason for that choice in Mesoamerica.
    Hence, “pyramidiotic” Freemason Newton, had good reasons to send his friend to measure Great Pyramid in Egypt in order to use them for his own calculations about Earth’s dimension. Therefore, I’m not panic when I receive cynical questions and special addressed coments by Moderator and other pals, they get angry cos the implications of knowing this, something completely ignored by books like Hyperspace written by Michio Kaku. The mathematicians want to give the reader the impression we know so much cos “modern” understanding to inflate like Big Bang expansion of their own superegos! Yet I can check the and read between lines the “shift” and Doppler effect of that attitude. Read now or record this information for further research cos in a while the administration is gonna eliminate me and the information.
    Ancient people gave vital information and cryptographic codes. Everybody have been discussing about the Apocaliptic number 666 applied to historical names. Yet that is part of the truth, just a piece of the puzzle. The verse immediately after that (Apoc 13:18; 14:1) gives another number, 144.000. Both are linked. Not only cos in kabala you can reduce the digits 6+6+6=18, 1+8=9; 1+4+4=9 but cos that number 9 was also a sacred number. 144 was the number of jewels in Tutankamon’s dress, he was the main jewel completing the 144, a number appearing in Maya’s forehead (statues of Pacal Lord) though they didn’t use those numerals! You can read more about in Maurice Cotterell’s book, The Lost Tomb of Viracocha. This has a lot to do with light and Sun and math so I’m not beating around the bush. Those people were heliolaters, Sun worshippers. 144.000 was also part of Baktun Maya’s calendar. I have said Einstein copied the famous formula E=Mc² already existing at least 17 years before and presented to the public by someone else 5 days earlier. Yet the speed of light 299.792,5 km per second only applies in vacuum space and STRAIGHT LINE, but if you calculate in angular degrees it’s 144.000 MINUTES OF AN ARC PER SECOND. That means the light goes through the CIRCLE OF THE EARTH in exact 6,66 times per second.
    That means in subatomic world, the complete circle of the electron is not 360 degrees but 720 degrees! In the angular measurement the values of minute of an arc and the unities of time is 27 per each Earth spinning, is the key of the secret. This was an information even governments wanted to know and asked New Zeland Bruce Cathie researcher. Of course, it’s understandable if I mention the Sun magnetism and ancient knowledge about this, our dear Moderator doesn’t have anyone to moderate him and he will make cynical comments like “that’s nothing” even IGNORING ABSOLUTELY the work made by Jeff Mayo and professor Hans Eysenck from Psychiatry London Institute and the genetic team from Medical Navy Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, led by Dr, A.R.Lieboff, about how come magnetic fields cause mutations at the very instant of conception and Maurice Cotterel’s own discovery of 12 kinds of radiation acting in a sequence every year bombing Van Allen belts, causing 12 types of magnetic modulation corresponding to 12 types of personality. Even to be skeptical you gotta search and read, that’s the path of a scientific mind. Even though you can see Mr. Hawkins, for example, not only used an idiotic “chance” argument of life in the universe against all math he knows (and that’s why his comment is cynical as well!)but whenever he wants and even choosing what scientific arguments he can reject (let’s say about Thorne’s wormholes) to propose even more fantastic and personal wormholes theory!!!! In the name of sacred-cow science, of course.
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    Please don't keep posting this same farrago.

    As mentor I have a responsibility to keep the speculating on these forums as free of sales talk, fanaticism, and crank theory groups as I can. As for your insults, I consider the source.
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    Uhh.. Dude.. it is 23 chromosomes.... Whence the two sex cells combine, becoming a zygote, they have a total of 46 chromosomes.............
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    Where are you trying to go with this Oscar?
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    22 CHROMOSOMES :rofl: :eek: :rofl: :eek: :rofl:
    that's too much....! :rofl:
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