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Modern Classic Logic

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    A Modern Interpretation of Classic Logic

    Basic definitions.

    Definition of Truth: "x" is true if and only if x.

    Laws of Classic Logic:

    Law of identity: x = x
    Law of contradiction: Nothing is both true and not true.
    Law of excluded middle: Everything is either true or not true.

    Im not sure that the interpretation is complete and correct in all details
    since its difficult to find any system of classic logic to compare it with.

    Originally Logic was conceived as the Laws of Thought,
    that is why I try to resurrect the system...
    Other Modern Logics are only the Laws of certain Artificial Languages!

    The reason for abandoning Classic Logis was Paradoxes,
    it was for instance claimed by Alfred Tarski that natural languages are inconsistent
    because The Liar Paradox could be derived in them!

    Let us assume that Sentence 1 is a properly defined sentence:

    1 Sentence 1 is not true.

    Then you should be able to derive the Liar paradox from it...

    But I intend to show why and how your deduction is incorrect if you do ;)
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