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Modern Differential Equations

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    I am enrolled in Differential Equations for next semester and the text we will be using is "M. L. Abell and J. P. Braselton, Modern differential equations, Harcourt College Publishers, Fort Worth, 2nd edition, 2001". I was wondering if anyone here has used it before and if it is any good? Also what would be a good supplement text? I have completed Calculus 1 and Linear Algebra, but have had no prior contact with differential equations before.
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    I'm not familiar with the text you are using since I've been out of school for a while. However I can recommend a differential equations book by Shepley Ross. I had him as a professor and he was excellent. I also taught a course using his book. It is available from Amazon. It comes in two versions. The shorter one tells you how to solve them and the longer version covers that plus the more detailed proofs. This is an old book, by the way. I had Dr. Ross around 1965.
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