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Homework Help: Modern physics(nuclear)

  1. Apr 26, 2004 #1
    modern physics

    A certain radioactive nucleus has ' approximate mass' 212 and contains 92 protons. The nucleus undergoes beta decay. The remaining (product) nucleus, still radioactive, undergoes alpha decay, leaving yet a new nucleus. The number of protons in this 'final' new nucleus is:
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    beta decay the atomic number is raised by one, alpha decay the relative atomic mass decreases by 4 and the atomic number decreases by 2.
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    91. However, there is no such beast. The lightest isotope of Uranium has 218 nucleons, and it alpha decays.
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    Uranium doesn't have 91 protons. Protactinium does. I don't think the existence of the isotope is necessarily an important part of the exercise.
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