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Modern Physics Textbook

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    Does anybody know of a good "Modern Physics" textbook, to be used for a sophomore-junior Physics course in Modern Physics?

    I had once used Krane's "Elementary Modern Physics" (long time ago) but it was not a real textbook. I have seen he has a new edition of "Modern Physics", I don't know about it.

    If someone knows of a good textbook, let me know.
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    I'm guessing you mean some form of introductory quantum mechanics.

    Uh, for an easy one try resnick hallidays. If you've got the math, no reason why you couldn't do the first half of Griffiths QM.
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    Modern Physics topics indeed tend to focus on nuclear, atomic, particle Physics, as well as astrophysics (some times).

    I guess the Halliday Rescnick books cover these topics.

    I also heard of a Young - Friedman book, which is supposed to be good for a modern Physics course (introductory level)

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    Halliday is more for first year stuff though. If your doing junior type stuff, even Griffiths is low.
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    I'd suggest Eisberg & Resnick, Quantum Physics of Atoms, Molecules, Solids, Nuclei, and Particles. Supplement with a relativity text like Spacetime Physics or one of Rindler's books.
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