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Modern women would be happier without feminism

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    I think that most modern women would be happier without feminism. They would prefer to stay at home with children than out in an office staring at a computer screen. I am not against women having careers, but I think that it is better if the primary focus is on the family.
    Feminism is responsible for the transmission of stds such as HIV.
    Society certainly would be better off without feminism as there would not be such a large problem with the aging population.
    Feminism leads to women choosing the wrong lovers/ husbands - choosing the bad guy who would make an irresponsible parent rather than a hard working man who would make an excellent parent, and would father a responsible member of society. I believe that this effect will cause the average IQ of the feminist inspired countries to decrease.
    Women should be the creators of life in a loving family. Instead of the sexual objects to be used by fast talking creeps which many young women have become.
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    Math Is Hard

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    How so?

    What problem would that be? I thought you were just arguing that feminism was responsible for HIV transmission. Wouldn't that be effectively reducing the aging population?
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    In addition to the above objections, I'd like to add this : whaa... ? :confused:

    How does staying at home provide an environment for intellectual stimulation, as opposed to going to school for a higher education, interacting with people at a workplace, facing the challenges of varied local or global problems, etc ? :uhh:

    Please support your assertions with some unbiased evidence. :rolleyes:
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    Variance of g via animal breeding techniques vs variance of g via intellectual stim

    Perhaps it does not. In the United States of the 20th century, parental g, combined with ancestral g, has been found to be the single most powerful predictor of offspring g. Experimental variance in intellectual stimulation has so far been inconclusive with respect to variance in g.

    (Arthur Jensen. The g Factor. pp340-342.)

    As far as a home environment possibly providing cognitive stimulation, electric lighting, as it is known to affect the pituitary gland, may affect brain growth:
    (Arthur Jensen. The g Factor. pp326, 346.)
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    :rofl: I presume the real author of this is Germaine Greer, trying to discredit any dissent against feminist dogma.
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