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Modified Ampere's law

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    Hi I was wondering if you can help me.

    How is the concept of the displacement current used to resolve the ploblems with the application of Ampere's law.

    I know that the modified ampere's law is


    I just know how the displacement current jd is used to solve the ploblems with amperes law in the continuity equation

    If anyone at all help me I would be greatful. It is a pass exam paper that I am revising, and is worth 6 marks.

    thanks in advance

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    Ampere's Law is only valid for "static" currents.
    If there's a time-dependance (charge build-up),
    then its dE/dt also is surrounded by curling B.

    Is this a "practical" application whee Ampere fails?

    In a radio antenna, current up a wire accumulates
    Q at the end; B is stronger at top due to dE/dt.
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