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I Modified Cycloid motion of charged particle

  1. Mar 29, 2017 #1
    I need a charged particle trajectory in crossed E and B that is a cycloid in the x-y plane. This part is simple enough, but I want the trajectory to be parabolic in the x-z plane. The images will help explain what I need.


    The left image shows the shape I want to achieve, and the right image shows my current attempt. The fields producing the image on the right are...
    \vec{B} = B_{0}\hat{z}
    \vec{E}=\gamma E_{y}\hat{x}+E_{y}\hat{y}+E_{z}\hat{z} ; E_{z}<<1

    So- how can I modify the above electric and magnetic fields to produce this 'parabolic cycloid'
    Note: I know the image on the right doesn't look like a cycloid exactly, but, for my model, I needed really tight loops. So don't get hung up on that detail.
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