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Modifying Human dna

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    Is it possible to modify human dna to get more sturdier humans??? :surprised :surprised
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    Some bacterium have around 1 million rads, (I know this sound crazy but) so if we include that gene in our dna can we become more resistant to nuclear warfare?
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    Smone one plz answer
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    That is resistant to up to 1000 rads, i think i answered this,
    on this particular case i think it is impossible to include the DNA of that bacteria. Thats because they use a completely different system than humans do, see things like horses and gorillas may be possible as they are based around the same system.
    So with this type of bacteria no, but yes i guess you could make them more sturdier, but alot of people would die in the testing before it ever worked i think. We dont know enough at the moment, it isnt as simple as grabbing a segment from here and inserting it here.
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    Um, sometimes it sort of is. ANd it shocks people all the time. And while it is true that the Bacterial DNA decoding system is different to eukaryotic system, it is still the same code, you just need to put the right precursors in and promotors, and take care of any possible splicing issues, make sure we have the right protein folding tools so that the final protein product takes the correct form, and it should work out.
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    Certainly. That's the whole deal with evolution. Question is...sturdier in relation to what?
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