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Modules to choose?

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    I posted a similar thread a few months ago but the available modules has changed.

    I'm interested in space time, black holes, general rel, field theory, quantum mechanics.

    I can choose 6 from this

    MA3413 Group representations I Lecturer: Prof. Vladimir Dotsenko
    MA3421 Functional analysis I Lecturer: Prof. Dmitri Zaitsev
    MA3425 Partial differential equations I Lecturer: Prof. John Stalker
    MA3427 Algebraic topology I Lecturer: Prof. David Wilkins
    MA3429 Differential geometry I [prerequisite: MA2322] Lecturer: Prof. Peter Taylor
    MA3431 Classical field theory [prerequisite: MA2342] Lecturer: Prof. Tristan McLoughlin
    MA3441 Quantum mechanics I [prerequisite: MA2342] Lecturer: Prof. Michael Fry
    MA3443 Statistical physics I [prerequisite: MA2342] Lecturer: Prof. Sinéad Ryan
    MA3463 Computation theory and logic I Lecturer: Prof. Colm Ó Dúnlaing
    ST3453 Stochastic models in space and time I Lecturer: STATS
    ST3455 Modern statistical methods I [prerequisite: ST2352] Lecturer: STATS
    MA3481 Mathematical economics I Lecturer: Prof. Eleanor Denny (Economics)

    and 6 from this

    MA3422 Functional analysis II [prerequisite: MA3422] Lecturer: Prof. Richard Timoney
    MA3426 Partial differential equations II [prerequisite: MA3425] Lecturer: Prof. John Stalker
    MA3428 Algebraic topology II [prerequisite: MA3427] Lecturer: Prof. David Wilkins
    MA3432 Classical electrodynamics [prerequisite: MA3431] Lecturer: Prof. Tristan McLoughlin
    MA3442 Quantum mechanics II [prerequisite: MA3441] Lecturer: Prof. Michael Fry
    MA3444 Statistical physics II [prerequisite: MA3443] Lecturer: Prof. Stefan Sint
    MA346H Algorithmic Entropy Lecturer: Prof. Timothy Murphy
    ST3454 Stochastic models in space and time II [prerequisite: ST2352] Lecturer: STATS
    ST3456 Modern statistical methods II [prerequisite: ST2352] Lecturer: STATS
    MA3482 Mathematical economics II [prerequisite: MA3481] Lecturer: ECON

    So far I'm considering
    PDE 1 + 2
    Algebraic topology 1 + 2
    Stat Phys 1 + 2
    Classical Field theory 1 + 2
    QM 1 + 2
    Functional Analysis 1 + 2

    I would prefer to swap analysis with group reps since I'm told groups are very important in physics and I only have taken an introductory course to groups. I'm also leaving out differential geometry till next year since it will be available next year followed straight by general rel. Next year I can choose 4 from each of http://www.maths.tcd.ie/undergraduate/Courses11-12/index.php?file=ssmaths

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