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Homework Help: Modulus and integration

  1. May 4, 2013 #1
    Q. Show that the area between the positive x-axis, the y axis and the curve [itex] y = ||e^x - 1| - 1| [/itex] is ln4 - 1

    I've drawn the curve:


    I notice for x < 0 (as I drew e^x to start out with, that's how I noticed it):
    y = e^x

    for x>ln(2) y = e^x - 2 (again, as I drew it before hand)

    I can't seem to see what y will be for for 0≤x≤ln(2), as all my other notices are because I drew them beforehand.

    Could anyone explain how I can split up y accordingly for x <0 for 0≤x≤ln(2) x > ln(2) ?
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    For 0≤x≤ln(2), which range does e^x cover? In particular, what is its smallest value? Based on that, can you get rid of the inner modulus? In the same way, you can get replace the outer modulus.
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    Use the definition of absolute value, twice.
    [tex]|e^x-1| =
    e^x-1 & \text{if } e^x \geq 1 \quad \text{i.e. } x\ge 0 \\ \\
    1-e^x & \text{if } e^x < 1 \quad \text{i.e. } x < 0
    [tex]||e^x-1|-1| =
    |e^x-1|-1 & \text{if } |e^x-1| \geq 1 \quad \text{i.e. } x\ge \ln(2) \\ \\
    1-|e^x-1| & \text{if } |e^x-1| < 1 \quad \text{i.e. } x < \ln(2)
    So you want x < ln(2) which gives ##\displaystyle ||e^x-1|-1| =1-|e^x-1| \,,\ ## but also x > 0 which tells you that ##\displaystyle |e^x-1|=e^x-1 \ .##

    Put those together.
  5. May 8, 2013 #4
    thank you!
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