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Modulus of Elasticity

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    Hi. I was wondeirng if anyone knew the modulus of elasticity for Basswood and Balsa wood under compression..

    I found numbers but its all different.
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    I noticed that in a lot of the wood data I see, the modulus of elasticity is printed for bending tests, not compressive.

    According to the Wood Handbook (which is referenced by Mark's Handbook) when measured parallel to the grain and with a 12% moisture content, Basswood has a compressive strength of 15,300 kPa and a bending elastic modulus of 1040 ksi (7,200 MPa).

    Balsa lists with a compressive strength, parallel to the grain with 12% moisture content, of 2160 psi (14,900 kPa) and a bending elastic modulus of 490 ksi (3,400 MPa)

    I know there's a thread around here somewhere that has the link to a free download of the handbook.
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