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Moebius band has only one side

  1. Feb 22, 2004 #1
    The Moebius band has only one side. What would be the shape of the electromagnetic field of that band wound longitudially and spun on the vertical axis of the place where the twist exists?

    Would it be a vortex? Would it be analagous to the singularity of a black hole?

    What would be the effect on light from a laser focused on the area where the "vortex" was produced?

    I am not a mathematician. I don't understand equations.
    I would appreciate a reply which doesn't contain symbols or numbers. I barely got through algebra, although I liked geometry, because I could visualize shapes.

    Please think through this question and reply to this forum or to rscholes@cox.net because I would really like to search the idea I have presented.
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