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Möbius strip string theory

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    I had originaly posted a thread on this theory in another forum, but I realize that it is better suited for this forum.

    In the attached file is a diagram of the string. In this string theory, strings are made of two opposite charges that exist within two extra dimentions. the dimentions have charges traveling within them on a membrane, and when the brane is folded and twisted into our 3d world it forms into a string, the string takes the shape of a möbius strip. With the charges traveling in the same direction on the membrane, you can see how, being folded, they would form an endless loop of energy. Instead of all matter and energy being composed of "vibrating strings", it is composed of alternating charges of electromagnetic energy.
    The membrane at a closer look reveals 3 more dimentions, width, length, height. Also, a 6th dimention(time) is determined by the speed at which the charges alternate, these charges alternate around the string at c. Time slows down when these charges(strings) move relative to another object on the same 6 dimentional membrane(SR).

    This theory is not free of flaws, so I welcome your enthusiastic critisism, or questions.

    P.S. take a look at the diagram, it should open in paint.
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    heres the attachment

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    During my recent brain-storming of the past few days I have come up with an accumulating theory of how strings work. At first I had considered the strings to be one dimensional stings of energy, that formed into our three dimensional world. Upon further consideration I decided that these strings would be better explained as two dimensional membranes folded into a three dimensional world. The first of these two concepts would reveal the world as we know it as having 6 dimensions, the second of these would go on to say that in fact we live in 8 dimensions.

    I have now found both of these incorrect, and now have decided that the theory is best described in a very different way. My theory is that, string are made of a 3 dimensional membrane with 2 separate dimensions(positive and negative) for each of the first three imensions. That’s 3+(3x2)+1=10 total dimensions, with the last dimension being the change in charge of the positive and negative dimensions, or better known as time.

    First of all lets imagine a 1 dimensional membrane. Imagine that on this infinitely thin string there are two more dimensions, positive and negative dimensions. Now imagine that this membrane is folded into a circle and exist within three spatial dimensions. You could now conclude that, that universe would have 6 dimensions, the first three are the most familiar ones, length width, and height, the last three are positive length, negative length, and time. The reason that we only have a positive and negative length is because so far we have only established the membrane as one dimensional. A little odd at first to imagine, but the next two concepts are much more practical for our own three dimensional universe.

    Continue to consider this one dimensional membrane, but now add to it another dimension, width. The membrane now has two coordinates, length and width. When you fold this into a string within three spatial dimensions you get something that looks like a mobius strip. This gives you three spatial dimensions and two more for every dimension on the membrane. This can be shown as 3+(2x2)+1=8 total dimensions. And yet this theory still has a major paradox, how can the energy that is the string only exist within 2 dimensions? To solve this problem we must form a new idea one that involves 10 dimensions.

    So keep in mind the two dimensional membrane, but now add another dimension to it, height. So that we now have a picture of a three dimensional grid-like membrane with two dimensions for each dimension within the membrane, and then fold that membrane into a string, a string that exist within 10 dimensions. Three spatial dimensions, three membrane dimensions with two dimensions for each, and one for time. This is shown as 3+(3x2)+1=10.

    The 10 dimensions are:
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