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News Mohammed Yasser Abdul-Ra'ouf Qudwa Al-Husseini is gone

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    Yasser Arafat is dead by now. I think they are maintaining vital activities, but the EEG is flat. They are delaying official announcement.

    This is bad bad news. GWB does not really care about the Palestinian issue, or at least, not enough. Sharon said they would keep in going out from the occupied territories.

    Does anyone expect things to go better really ?
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    At least there's a chance (Is there not ? Am I being fanciful ?) that more moderate folks occupy Arafat's position. I'm not sure the Palestinians will likely accept someone like that (nor will such a person have any control over Hamas), but this may be the only chance for a peaceful accord.
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    Well, being living in the middle east for long years and meet many Arabs, muslms and Palestinains there...They majority DO NOT like arafat, and they prefer the Islamic resistance leaders more. But ofcourse since Arafat as well has many intersection points with the resistance gruops..the people likes thins thingys in him [Yeah , still he has a large punch of fans..but not the largest]

    Sharon will not allow Arafat to rest in peace in east Jerusalem which i think it will be a bit heat up next....There is rumors going on that Israel has poinsoined arafat [since he cannot leave his govermtnet-house since years] as Israel way in assisnating secretively....

    The memory goes back to me when i was in Jordan [who dont know: Arab country to the east of Palestine] and King Hussien Died who ruled 50 years, the announce his death two days after CNN say "his brian died" untli they sort out some royal family problems about the crown prince issues...amy be now a simalr situation is going on behind the curtains...
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    IMO, the Israelis should treat him like a dead head of state even if they think he's just one more dead terrorist. That way they won't turn him into a terrorist martyr. The PA prime minister can similarly pretend he's getting the PA power passed down to him (when, it seems, Arafat was just usurping the PM's power) and similarly profit from it. In fact, if he was just another terrorist, to use his death to forge peace would be the ultimate insult!
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    GWB has a huge stake in the PLO/Israeli conflict. What makes you think he doesn't carE?
    His refusal to act has been based on Arafat's refusal to act as a leader and repeated failures on his behalf. Arafat is dead, so hopefully the next in line will be willing to take the reigns and be relevant (that is, if that person can do it without the billions Arafat has hidden from the Palestian people :rolleyes: )
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