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Mohr Circle

  1. Jan 23, 2012 #1
    How would I analize a bolt in tension and shear. Imagine an "L" bracket bolted in the configuration below "||" represents a bolt. There is a force "<--" at the top of the bracket.


    The bolt will see tension and shear. There will be tension in the y direction (Sigma y) and shear on the yx plane (Tau yx). The force in the x direction should be zero and the Shear in the xy plane should be zero.

    This means the points on the x surface would be (0,0) and the points on the y face woudl be (tension, shear). These points seem to be invallid because the mohr's circle center will not fall on the horizontal axis. What am I doing wrong?
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    mdergance3: The planes, coordinate system, surfaces, and points you are referring to in your text are not labeled nor shown. Therefore, we are having some trouble understanding your question. PF allows you to post (attach) diagrams, if you wish.

    It sounds like sigma_x = 0, and you have sigma_y and tau_yx. (By the way, tau_yx = tau_xy.) Therefore, the center of Mohr's circle is on the horizontal axis at 0.5(sigma_x + sigma_y) = 0.5*sigma_y. See if that helps you, so far. Homework questions should be posted in the engineering homework forum.
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