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Homework Help: Mohr's Circle

  1. Jan 8, 2007 #1
    Hi, desperately need help with this assignment question as its in for 2moro!

    "At a point on the surface of a shaft with diameter of 100mm, a 45deg rosette strain gauge is positioned with the middle gauge along the axis of the shaft. The gauges measure strains of a= -0.00015, b = 0.0003, c = 0.00005. Use Mohr's strain circle to determine the value of M(bending moment) and T(torque). E = 210GPa and u = 0.29."

    I've drawn a mohr's circle to find principle strains of 0.00032 and -0.00042. From this i can get the principle stresses, but I do not know what formula to use to find the bending moment and torque?

    Any help would be much appreciated thankyou!
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    Don't double post. I answered in the Engineering section.
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