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Mol fraction to percentage

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    Hi, please could someone give me some advice on how I would convert the mol fraction to percentage? i.e. I want a gas mixture of Argon and Carbon dioxide with only 0.02 mol fraction of CO2, what would this be as a percent?

    I tried using this:

    http://www.convert-me.com/en/convert/percent/mole.html [Broken]

    And when I put 0.02 in I get 1.204*10^24 in the percent term, how can this be a percentage?

    Thanks for any help with this.
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    No idea what that site is doing.

    But you can use the ideal gas law to discover that mol % = volume %.
    If you want weight % you have to bring in the molecular weights:$$ wt\%_i = {MW_i * mol\%_i\over \Sigma_j MW_j * mol\%_j }$$
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    That's extremely helpful thankyou! Ahhh yes I see now, but just airing on the side of caution please could you confrim that 0.02 mol frac would be equal to 0.02%
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