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Homework Help: Molality creating problems for me

  1. Oct 16, 2005 #1
    Molality creating problems for me!!!!

    calculate the molality and osmotica pressur of a 0.5% solution of urea (Mol Mass=60) in water at 0 degree celsius.


    now my dear friends!!

    i have calculated successfuly the osmotic pressure in this question which is

    osmotic pressure = 1.86 atm

    now the problem is this that how to calculate this molality. i know that

    molality = no of moles of the solute/ mass of the solvent in kilograms

    but you see that here i donot have any masss of the solute given at all.

    Please help me

    Thanks in advance
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    Such diluted solution has density almost identical with the density of pure water.
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