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Molar Conversions

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    Which will have the greater number of ions, 1 mol of nickel (II) or 1 mol of copper (I)?

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    3. Nickel: 1 mol/58.69 g of Ni * 6.022*10^23 ions/ 1 mol = 1.03 * 10^22 ions.

    Copper: 1 mol/ 63.55 g of Cu * 6.022 * 10^23 ions/ 1 mol = 9.48 * 10 ^ 21 ions.

    Nickel will have the greater number of ions. Is this correct?
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    This is like asking "Which bag will have more items, one with a dozen tennis balls or one with a dozen ping pong balls?"

    Remember that "moles" is really a number (like dozen is a number) referring to how many of a certain thing.
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    Think your two calculations should have the units of "ions/gm", not just "ions", after you cancel both "mole" units.

    This and chemisttree's info should lead you to the correct answer.

    Good luck.

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