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Molarity of a dimer

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    Could you plz help me out with this?

    What would be the weight of 1 litre of a 1 Molar solution of Cu2Cl2?Cu2Cl2 is a dimer of CuCl right and some of it should dissociate to give the same right?
    so will it be equal to that of
    a)molecular weight of Cu2Cl2?
    b)Molecular weight of CuCl?
    c)or do we have to find the equilibrium conc of CuCl and Cu2Cl2 in the solution and take the average molecular weight?
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    If you have 1M solution of acetic acid you ususally don't bother with dissociation, you just assume it is 1M analytical (or formal) concentration. Same approach here - don't bother with what happens after dissolution. You need solution with 1M analytical concentration of Cu2Cl2.

    What I don't get here is how are you going to find the mass of the solution without knowing its density. Or are you asking about how much substance you should take to prepare 1L of solution?
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