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Molarity of solution

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    Is this how you work this problem:

    A sulfuric acid solution has a density of 1.49 g/mL and contains 59 percent H2SO4
    by mass. what is the molarity of this solution?

    .59x98g = 57.82g H2SO4
    1mL/1.49g x 57.82g H2SO4 = .0388L

    57.82g H2SO4/ 98g H2SO4 = .59 mol

    .59 mol/.0388L = 15.206 M H2SO4
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    Now molarity is defined as number of moles of solute per litre of solution.

    Now for this wt of solution is= density*Volume =1.49*1000

    calculate 59% of this which gives the weight of H2SO4 in solution of 1000mL Divide it by 98 to get the molarity
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