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Homework Help: Mole equation

  1. Nov 14, 2009 #1
    8. In the processing of uranium, one of the steps involves converting UO2 to UF6.

    UO2(s) + 4HF(g) + F2 (g) --> UF6 (g) + 2H2O (l)

    For 7.50kg of UO2, calculate:

    a) The mass of hydrogen fluride required.
    m(UO2) = 7500g
    n(UO2) = 27.78mol

    n(UO2) = n(HF)
    27.78mol =

    m(HF) = 27.78*39.008
    = 1083.64g

    b) The mass of fluorine required

    n(UO2) = 2n(F2)
    27.78mol =
    27.78*2 =
    55.56mol =

    m(F2) = 1055.6g or 1.06x10^3g

    c) The mass of UF6 produced.

    With question (C) could you please do it and explain the mole ratio to me, as when i did it i did a mole ratio of n(UO2) = n(UF6) but the answer makes it seem that it's n(UO2) = 4/3n(UF6).

    Thanks, Sirsh.
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    That's OK, correct answer is slightly below 10 kg.

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