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Molecular aggregates

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    what are the advantages of proteins aggregating together, forming molecular complexes?
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    Which ones, when and where.
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    anywhere really... for example, in the mitochondria proteins are organised into Complexes (I to IV), what is the advanatge of that?
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    gamecube999, I don't understand about general advantages you want to know, but there are some proteins I know of, what protein are you looking for ?
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    If you know enough to say that, then you know what it does.
    What's the question?
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    the question is, are there any specific advantages of aggregate into molecular complexes? I know they can then work together etc...
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    Advantages compared to what?

    Also, given your example, I don't think I know what you mean by aggregate.
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    advantages of proteins (for example) forming complexes, as opposed to working individually and separately, 'independent of each other'?
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    When proteins form complexes, the molecular interactions can change the conformation, which changes the function by exposing or hiding active sites, for example, on the proteins. Look up information on primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary protein structures, and/or protein folding, and this will help you understand how changing the shape of a protein through these interactions can change the function of it.
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