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Molecular and laminar leak rate equations?

  1. Jun 1, 2009 #1
    Molecular and laminar leak rate equations??

    Hi everyone;

    Im new here and I have some problem calculating some leak rates for a valve test. I need to convert a leak rate of R134a to a leak rate of Helium. I've been trying to look for equations but I cant find any. The ones I'ev found involve area and other data we dont know. We've been using some printouts of a small program INFICON sent me that uses pressure in,pressure out, dynamic viscosity, leak rate and molecular weight (all inputs) of R134a to calculate the leak rate of He. Other inputs are pressure in, and out, dynamic visc. concentration and molecular weight of He. Ave also been trying to figure out a unit used for leak rates... g/a ... I dont know what this unit actually means. I'm looking for a conversion factor also. Ive found that 1g/a is .003oz/yr but Ive been finding different numbers also.

    Can anyone point to the right equations and the right conversion factor of g/a. Thanks for your help in advace. :)
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