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Molecular biology

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    can we post molecular biology questions here? (just to have something to type since i can't delete this post...BTW how can we delete our own posts?)
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    Dont worry, okay ?
    you and I will disappear in a few minutes..Happily waiting for mentors's action ?

    Ready ? Go !
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    Sure, the biology forum is the place to ask molecular biology questions. You can't delete a post that is the start of a thread.
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    too sad, Vance :cry: i think you and i have to stay here forever, since i can't delete it anyway :biggrin:
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    This is a thread on forums scripted using php and already implemented in a way by....implementers that posters are not allowed to delete their own post if it is the original one..., no earthquakes anyway, :cool: and gentle I am...

    Ok, sobored do you have any molecular biology questions ?? post them ! :cool:
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