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Homework Help: Molecular geometry

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    never mind its over ! )
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    The hybridization somewhat refers to how many things the central atom is, or can be, bound to. sp3d is 1 + 3+ 1 = 5 things (electron pairs count as things).

    Are you sure this question is correct? The only one that seems possible is trigonal bipyramidal since that connects to 5 things. Linear is, I think, just 1 thing (acetylene), seesaw sounds like a joke answer, T-shape also sounds like a joke answer, and tetrahedral means 4 things (methane). Ask your teacher if that question has a typo.
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    I just realized actually those funny names are sub geometries of the trigonal bipyramidal which all can have up to five legs, the only one that can't it seems is the tetrahedral which has 4 bonding pairs and 0 non-bonding pairs.
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