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Molecular model kits

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    Hello. I am taking Organic Chemistry I and I purchased a Prentice Hall org chem molecular model set. I hate it! It is too hard to put the single bonds in the atoms. Can anyone recommend any others? Is it just my kit?

    I appreciate any help or recommendations! Thanks.
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    I don't see what problem you're having with the bonds, but Indigo Instr. makes these too and you can just buy whatever part you need. I think most companies that make these modeling kits use the same specifications, so you might actually be able to just buy the necessary bonds and stick them in your existing atoms.

    Give this a look : http://www.indigo.com/models/molymod-molecular-model-components.html
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    The problem is that I am hurting my hand with the extremely difficult to push in bonds. They seem to fit into the hydrogen molecules easier, but with the carbons and oxygens it is so difficult to get the bond all the way in that i'm hurting my hand.

    I see on the website they have a bond pusher, which would be nice, except it is .60 for the item and 10$ for shipping :mad: Seems like for 50$ PH could've included this device! :devil:

    ugh! Thanks. I've e-mailed trying to return the set altogether.
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