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Misc. Molecular models DIY

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    I want to make my own set of molecular models with balls representing atoms and links representing bonds.

    Anyone knows of a good software to do this?

    As for the physical model, what bond angles, bond lengths and ball sizes should I create?

    I could for example leave atoms as round balls and drill some holes in appropriate places as and when required.

    Please discuss the pros and cons, and the usefulness of such a model.

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    You could use blender.The bond angles vary for molecule to molecule, so you should search it up for the particular molecule, I guess, if you want to be precise.
    As for the bond length, you could set up a particular scale or something.
    Also, you might for example use a smaller sphere for Hydrogen than chlorine, etc.
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    Fervent Freyja

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    You will be better off ordering a molecular modeling kit that includes software or a free download, the kits include the right ball and joint sizes. It will be much cheaper to do it that way, as making models can get expensive, even using styrofoam. I don't see any cons to point out if using a kit. You can't go wrong using models as a visual aid to learn.

    Some software: https://sites.google.com/site/chemistryfreeware/home/3d-molecular-viewing
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