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Homework Help: Molecular Orbital Theory problem

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    According to molecular orbital theory, which of the following species is the most likely to exist?

    a) [tex]H_{2}^{-2}[/tex]
    b) [tex]He_{2}[/tex]
    c) [tex]Li_{2}[/tex]
    d) [tex]Li_{2}^{-2}[/tex]
    e) [tex]Be_{2}[/tex]

    I think the answer is c), due to it having a bond order of 1, but I just wanted to make sure.
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    The point here is probably to have you assess the respective diatomic compound given form (e.g. ion with a 2- charge) with other possibly more stable electron counts. For instance if you find that H2 is more stable then H2-, then there's an incentive to browse some of the other choices.
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    That's correct. All the others have bond order 0.
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