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Molecular Shapes

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    what does a CO(subscript3)^-2 look like? (as in the drawing and the shape of the molecule?
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    Clues so you can work this out for yourself:

    1.) How many valence electrons are there? (Don't forget to factor in the charge of the molecule!)

    2.) It is safe to conclude that carbon is the central atom, given that is typically how the chemical shorthand works.

    3.) So if you have a carbon atom at the center and three oxygen atoms, what is the most intuitive way to arrange these three atoms?

    4.) Fill the valences with your calculated number of valence electrons for all the atoms, remembering that the final molecule should have a formal charge of -2 at the end.

    Good luck!
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    THe central carbon is double bonded to one oxygen and single bonded to two oxygens. The two single bonded oxygens both carry a -1 charge. Trigonal planar, carbon's sp2 hybridized.
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    hmm...ok i think i got it, thanks
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    You mean [tex]CO_2[/tex]?

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    No, he means the carbonate ion. CO3 with a charge of -2.
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