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Molecule rendering software

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    Is there any free software for rendering pics of molecules?

    I'm not looking for features or accuracy, I just want to whip together some atoms in shapes of my choosing (preferebly 3D, but I'll take what I can get). I tried PhotoShop and Illustrator, but it still takes a long time.
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    if your willing to learn to code C/C++ ther's lots of fre open src 3D engines out there like ogre and irrlicht. and alot of physics engines like ODE and i thinke newton is open src. VTK,open ptc and SDL may also come in handy.
    OpenGL is relatively easy to learn all you gotta do is learn the
    glTranslate and auxSolidSphere commands and how to setup opengl
    opengL/SDl or opengl/glut is probably easiest.
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    You can try http://avogadro.openmolecules.net" [Broken]. It has great rendering quality, and it will let you draw molecules interactively or load them from lots of available chemical file formats.

    Avogadro is free "as beer and speech" - you don't need to register to download Avogadro and you can freely share it with friends
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