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Molecules were held in a state of quantum superposition

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    I have read about experiments where entire atoms and even whole molecules were held in a state of quantum superposition. It wasn't until an observation was made that these molecules left their indeterminate state. If whole atoms and molecules can exist in quantum superposition, does theory prohibit even more complex structures of matter from existing in a superposition as well?

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    Re: superposition

    As in the other thread this is a sticky subject, but one with a much clearer answer -decoherence, which shows that statiscally why many particle systems do not exhibit quantum behaviour due to the fact that there wavefunctions collapse very quickly.
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    Yes but one must ask.....What is defined as observation? is it when a random wave or electron bumps into the object in question? An experiemnt performed by a man I believe in India, but please forgive me if I am worng, but he found a way to test for super position by using lasers and inialation (<---sp?), its very good, and I believe you can search under Hardings paradox, or soloution to......
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    Re: superposition

    Do you have some links about this? Well, I'm very interested in this subject, because long time ago i've discussed with one physics prof. about possibility of that kind superposition, and if you\re righ, I was right :)
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