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Molex 4 Pin Square

  1. Jul 16, 2008 #1
    Hi There Please Anybody Than Can Help
    I Am Upgrading Computer Running Into Problem
    Mobo Msik9n Sli V2
    Cpu Amd Athlon 64x2 4600
    In The Procces I Found That I Need A 12 V 4 Pin Square Power Cord Which I Dont Have From My Psu However In The Mobo Istallation Manual It Says I Must Power The Cpu 4 Pin 12 V
    Do I Really Need It ?
    I Can Only Get Power To The Cooling Fans For About 2 Seconds And Nothing Boots??
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    If the installation manual says you need it you probably need it.

    An extra 4 pin molex is sometimes needed to give power to the CPU or graphics card. If you're using a standard ATX power supply there should be a few extra connectors there.
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    Yes, you really do.
    They changed the power supply specifications several years ago.
    You need to upgrade to power supply to match the new mobo.
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    Always upgrade your PSU if you upgrade the motherboard and CPU, especially if the existing one doesn't have a 4pin connection.
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    You might also need a new PSU because it can't give your components the wattage they need in the first place.
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