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Molten Salt Tankers?

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    Is it feasible to ship molten salt from a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) station to a distant site and use it there to generate power? For instance would it be practical and economic to build a CSP station in Baja California and ship molten salt up to Seattle, and use it there to generate power? Or to ship molten salt from the North African coast to northern Europe.

    What is the energy density of molten salt at 600C versus the energy density of crude oil? How high would the temperature need to be for the hot salt to exceed the energy density of crude oil? How much energy would you loose on the voyage? How big would the molten salt tanker need to be?

    What are the capital costs involved? Would it actually make more sense to build a high voltage power transmission line from Baja California to Seattle?
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    Thank you Billy Joule for your very good answer.
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