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Mom a dad

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    Dad, I was talking to fred at the pub last night.
    mom, fred? whos fred
    dad, him us married to that big woman
    mom, what big woman
    dad, you know her, you see her down the shop, grey hair always has a
    black shopping bag.
    mom i cant think, whats fred look like.
    dad, tall bloke very thin, he lives down bottom of village, you know him.
    mom, i dont know a tall thin fred
    dad, you do, hes got a son that went into the army
    mom, oh, was his name terry
    dad, i dont know, fred always drinks bitter
    mom, i cant think who he is
    dad, you told me his wife won at bingo last week
    mom, oh you mean fred tailor
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    have you been talking to my parents?
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    have you been talking to my parents?

    does it drive you nuts? thats an abridged version, it went on for 15mins.
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    Sometimes I anticipate that and give a few sentence explanation describing him/her.
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    You're lucky, they stay on topic.

    A classic one from my 'rents was something like:

    Dad: "There've been some terrible drivers on the roads today."
    Mum: "Oh?"
    Dad: "Yes, there was this one guy, and he must have thought he was Nigel Mansell, the way he was driving!"
    Mum: "Yes dear."
    Dad: "Oh, I saw him the other day"
    Mum: "Really, where?"
    Dad: "At his house, I went round to drop off some printing."
    Mum: "What, Nigel Mansell?"
    Dad: "No no no, a customer of mine, Stuart whatsisname, you know, big man..."
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    Gotta love the english.
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    No one can do that like people from the UK. Harold Pinter's plays are full of that kind of dialog. I've heard some unbelievably funny British commedians do that stuff as well. I remember one about a guy whose hobby was "word 'nunciaton". "There's nuthin' so much fun as goin' down to the shop and sayin' `perspicacity, mates!'"

    "And what does it mean?"

    "Oh, I donno" wha' it means. I just 'nunciate it."
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    on a car trip to the desert with my parents.

    Dad.. your air conditioner works well
    Me..yes I'm happy with it
    Dad.. looks like it has several settings
    me..yes its a good one
    Dad.. They seem more powerful then they use to be
    me..I imagine they have improved
    Dad..You can really feel it
    Mom..She can turn it down
    Dad..She might not want to
    me.. dad are you too cold?
    Mom.. yes he is
    Dad..Mother are you cold?
    Mom..I'm fine
    Dad.. well if mothers cold we could turn it down a little.
    me .. Blink
    me.. I can turn it off for a while

    I turn it down and crack the window
    Dad.. Your windows sure work well.
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    Im glad im not the only one suffering :smile:
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    thats just comic gold.
  12. Jun 6, 2005 #11
    my parents just talk ENDLESSLY. Especially about what girl I like at school (I tell my parents NOTHING because they will rant and rant and rant and...

    10 years later...

    rant and rant about it. My dad will not shut up about this girl at school that I can't stand and it drives me crazy. :grumpy:
  13. Jun 7, 2005 #12
    That can be horrid! I've been single now for 2 years. And my mom will call and go on and on about her handy man{If you can't be handsome, at least you can be handy..Red Green}, and that next time I come out, I should meet him. Last time I was there, I met the guy who delivers there produce, AND the guy who carves meat at the buffet.
    And that was only a 3 day trip..I was lucky to make it home alive!
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