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Moment causing buckling

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    Can a moment about the end of something cause buckling or does it need to be an applied force?

    For instance the uploaded image


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    Although I do not know your end conditions from your drawing, a end applied moment cannot cause buckling. Buckling arise from the deflection equation E I y'' = M where M is proportional to the lateral deflection, y. In your problem, M, shown above, is just your end applied load and is never a function of the deflection.
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    thank you!
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    No problem,

    I thought I would reply with some additions. My colleague informed me that you can get localized buckling after the beam has deformed. Localized buckling means that it can kink at the edges.
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    I see. That does make sense. Would that lead to structural failure though?
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    I honestly don't know. I would suspect, however, that the failure criterion that you need to worry about is the bending stresses due to the deflection.
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