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Homework Help: Moment Couple Strangeness

  1. Oct 11, 2006 #1
    I have been learning about moment couples and all of their greatness...but even after seeing and verifying myself the mathematical proof I just can't bring myself to fathom the fact that a moment couple acts as a 'free vector.'

    How can every single point on an object feel the same moment at the same time?

    You're telling me if I had a massive building let's say...and I decided to exert a little moment couple ALLLL the way on the top floor, on the very edge of the building let's say...that the same moment would be felt all the way at the very bottom?

    In fact that every molecule (let's just say the building is a large chunk of rectangular prism stuff and is totally homogeneous) in the building would feel the same moment concurrently?

    Might be an extreme example...but the laws of physics should hold true regardless right?

    I'm just having trouble conceptualizing this...believing it even. Any words of wisdom would be great.
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