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Homework Help: Moment in 3d statics

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    hi all, i'm new to this forum and have read through alot of the topics. i also tried searching the previous problems, but haven't found anything yet.

    anyways, here's my question:

    how do i find the reaction (normal) forces on points C, B, and A? i'm trying to do this with the vector method which i originally thought is supposed to be
    rac X C + rab X B - rad X F.

    the answer is supposed to be Nb=Na=.367F and Nc=.265 and which is what i got doing it the long and painful way of summing all forces and finding moments in 2d first.


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    The attachment doesn't seem to work (or is it just me?).
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    It hasn't been approved, yet... *waiting for a mentor* :rofl:
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    You can do it vectorially, just make sure, you're doing it well. Maybe you can post your attempt.
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