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Moment Of Area / Myy - Mxx

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    May seem like a h/w question, infact i cant remember how to do it, and just need a push in the right direction?

    I am trying to complete the diagram but dont really know how to put the angles into the diagram.

    The beam was rotated 220 degrees from its first state, (1) in the diagram, to (2).

    From memory i feel i need to put 2 angles, one for the N.A. and one for the force, but like i say, mind has gone blank on this one.

    I am trying to figure out Mxx and Myy and Theta.n.a

    I know the formulas, but not sure on what my angles should be to take into account the rotation and the force.


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    hi..assuming that ur 20kN is weight..attached picture shows the force components..hope it will be useful...

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