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Moment of Inertia formula

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    Why is the end area of shell [tex]2\pi rdr[/tex]?

    Thanks in advance. :rolleyes:
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    It's the area expressed in differential form. To acquire the correct formula, you need to calculate the integral with respect to r.

    Intuitively, the differential form means this : to describe an infinitesimal small area, take the circumference 2 times pi times r and make it a bit thicker, expressed by the dr. Integrating over r means that you sum up the area of all this different, very thin, circumferences to get the total circular area.

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    Oh, I got that! Thank you marlon! I am giving my first steps over integration. And congratulations for the award!!
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    What award ?
    I just lost my guru badge to somebody else, lol.

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