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Moment of inertia of an engine

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    please let me know the calculations involved for getting the moment of inertia of an ic engine
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    I don't know anything about engines, but when investigating moment of inertia, you should first identify the part which rotates, its geometry, and the axis of rotation. Then use the definition of the moment of inertia somehow.
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    Thanks radou! but there are many rotating elements in an engine,how to find the MoI in this case.Any idea ??
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    The calculations would be exactly the same as those involved in calculating the moment of inertia of any simple object. Good luck calculating it for an engine. Don't forget about pistons, conrods, oil pumps, camshafts etc.
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    This sounds like a homework problem, but I'll leave it here for now since in its full form, it's a bit of a project.

    Sandy, tell us what you know about how to calculate the MOI of a simple object. And tell us what you know about finite element analysis. And tell us what class this is for (basic physics, advanced engine design in upper division ME, or what?).
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