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Moment of intertia, Nucleus

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    I was wondering if some here can confirm this formula given by K.S Krane in his book "Introductory Nuclear Physics", page 145, eq # 5.19

    [tex] \mathscr{I} _{\text{fluid}} = \dfrac{9}{8\pi}MR^2_{avg}\beta [/tex] (5.19)

    Moment of inertia for a ellipsodial fluid. Where [itex]\beta [/itex] is the deformation parameter, defined as:

    [tex] \beta = \dfrac{4}{3}\sqrt{\dfrac{\pi}{5}}\dfrac{\Delta R}{R_{avg}} [/tex]

    And Delta_R is the difference between semimajor and semiminor axix of the ellipse.

    I am doing a small project in nuclear physics about comparing moment of intertia obtained from experiemt and theoretical ones. formula # 5.16 in Krane, I can show that Kranes is not correct (how you obtain beta from intrinsic quadroploe moment). But formula 5.18 are correct up to first order.

    So can someone help me justify eq 5.19 ?
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