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Homework Help: Moments of Inertia Question?

  1. Jan 12, 2012 #1
    A disc of mass 'm' rests on a rough horizontal plane. A light string that is wound onto the disc applies a horizontal force 'T' to the disc, which causes it to roll without slipping.

    a) Show that the acceleration from rest of the centre of the disc is = 4T/3m

    b) When T = mg, calculate the coefficient of friction that is required between
    disc and plane to ensure that there is no slip. Does the friction force on the disc act
    in the direction of T or in the opposite direction and why?

    Please help! How would you go about solving this + moment of inertia questions in general Thankss
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    After drawing yourself a freebody diagram , think about what equations have you been told that relates the force to the motion of the object.
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